Dear Cycling Community,

We love our sport and already know all the great benefits that cycling brings to our lives and the community around us. We need your help to gather information to attract and keep support from non-cycling companies to fund cycling events, clubs, and community-based cycling initiatives. Cyclists of all types are a valuable demographic with distinct characteristics that can be attractive for companies to invest marketing and philanthropic resources in. Please consider taking this survey to help companies understand us better. 

Take The Survey

We have tons of great prizes to give away in return for completing the survey. One lucky person will be chosen at random out of the first 20 respondents to receive a pair of Defeet knee warmers. We'll give away more stuff as we reach higher numbers. Early survey respondents will automatically be entered in all future drawings, so enter early to increase your chances to win great stuff.

10/13 12:40pm Update: We quickly surpassed the first 20 respondents. Congrats to the first winner of the Defeet Knee Warmers!
Next up - When we reach 60 respondents, TWO lucky people will be chosen at random from EVERYONE who has completed a survey to receive a pair of Defeet Cyclismo Socks (5in cuff, White with Black tri-co) in the size of your choice!

10/14/8:15am Update: We went way past the the 60 respondent mark overnight. Thanks everyone for filling out the survey! Congrats to both recipients of the Socks!
Next Up: When we reach 150 respondents, THREE lucky people will be chosen at random from EVERYONE who has completed a survey to receive a sponsor care package of product consisting of Organic Fuel from Organic Valley, KIND Bars, and Hiball Organic energy drinks!

10/19 Update: We're over 100 Respondents! Still looking to pass the 150 mark for the next prize giveaway. SHARE the survey with others to help get there faster!

Keep an eye out on this page and the team facebook page for updates on future giveaways. Best way to increase your chances of winning something? Fill out the survey early and share with others so we reach the next giveaway sooner!

Thanks for the support everyone!


AuthorJosh Whitmore