Team Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure

As a member in good standing with the CTS Cycling Team (CTSCT), I agree to abide by the following code of conduct and ethics:

1.    Practice good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a professional manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where I am representing the CTSCT.“Representing the club” is defined as any time you are wearing the team jersey or at any event where you are registered as a CTSCT team member, regardless of whether you are wearing the team jersey or not, while you are at the event venue or on the course. Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:

·      Physical abuse to any person while riding or at an event.

·      Use of foul language towards any person while riding or at an event

·      Making obscene gestures directed to any persons while riding or at an event

·      Malicious actions on the bike toward any persons

2.    Wear my sponsors’ and team’s clothing proudly. As valuable advertising “vehicles” for their sponsors, CTSCT members are expected to wear the current, complete team uniform (including jersey and shorts) to the best of your ability at events and group rides.

3.    Obey all traffic regulations as enforced by all relevant local authorities while on individual or group training rides or as instructed during sanctioned races. CTSCT athletes must be conscious of their role as ambassadors to the non-cycling and recreational cycling communities. Failure to abide by traffic laws, if observed by the public, can be extremely detrimental to the team’s sponsors and may result in the revocation of all sponsorship benefits for the entire team.

4.    Show respect to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, race, or creed.

5.    Show encouragement to others. Despite differences in skill and fitness levels, and preferred types of riding that inevitably exist amongst cyclists, we respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each cyclist, and help all cyclists reach their full potential.

6.    Show and express appreciation towards the CTSCT sponsors, at all times among each other and to the public at large. This includes refraining from an even slightly negative comment of any nature, whether in a private or public situation. All matters, issues, concerns relating to sponsors will be directed ONLY to the CTSCT manager in charge of sponsor relationships, who will address anything necessary.

7.    Abide by the rules and regulations of any applicable governing body and any rules or instructions communicated by the event itself. (USA Cycling, UCI, International Olympic Committee, USA Triathlon, US Anti-Doping Agency, etc.)

8.    Pledge to honor competitors, sponsors, sport, society, and myself by choosing to stay clean of performance enhancing drugs. I pledge to live, train, and compete clean. I will be a positive example in the community as an advocate and ambassador for clean sport.


Disciplinary Process

CTSCT members and associated persons found violating any item of this Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate disciplinary action, at the discretion of the majority of a three person committee comprised of the following (the Discipline Committee):

1.     One person from the CTSCT Board of Directors, and

2.     One person selected by the accused party, and

3.     One person mutually selected by the CTSCT Board of Directors and the accused party.

Any person may send a written notice (electronically or snail mail) of a breach of this Code of Conduct to the CTSCT Manager. Upon receipt of such notice, a member of the CTSCT Board of Directors will immediately convene the Discipline Committee in accordance with the above criteria. By no later than 21 calendar days of receiving such notice, the Discipline Committee must form a decision.

In the case of a sanction being imposed by the Discipline Committee, a copy of the Discipline Committee’s written decision must be sent immediately to the CTSCT Member that was responsible for the offence (or associated with the offending person if that person is not a CTSCT Member). The responsible CTSCT Member may provide a defense in person or writing no later than 10 days after receiving the Discipline Committee’s letter. The Discipline Committee will deliberate the defense, and may repeal or modify the initial decision, and that decision will be the final decision that stands.

Possible Disciplinary Actions:
The following is a list, though not an exhaustive list, of the possible sanctions the Discipline Committee may order:

  • First time warning for minor misconduct; zero tolerance for severe misconduct. (It is at the Discipline Committee’s discretion, on a case-by-case basis, what they agree is severe or minor conduct.)
  • Written apology to parties affected by the misconduct.
  • Expulsion from CTSCT membership (one year or permanent).
  • Prohibition of attendance at any CTSCT related activities or events. (also applies in the case of breach by a person associated to a CTSCT member)
  • Prohibition of wearing CTSCT clothing in events and organized group rides.